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Rumors are Tyler Seguin will be highly sought after in NHL free agency next summer and before he gets to that point the Dallas Stars want to re-sign him to a long-term contract. Considering what Seguin stands to lose if he doesn’t wait, speculation is, he may hold off on signing and cash in when a bidding war begins.

Tyler Seguin is poised to become the story of NHL free agency next summer. A center with five consecutive seasons of 72 points or more, Dallas would love to get him signed right away and lock up their franchise center to a long-term deal. Unfortunately for Dallas, Seguin seems to know what that kind of production is worth in today’s NHL and may choose to hold off on an extension until he can maximize his value.

NBC Sports’ James O’Brien believes Seguin may choose to wait until next summer to sign. O’Brien contends that Seguin will not only want to see how the Stars do this coming season before committing and staying with a potentially struggling team and a new coach but that financially, he stands to make far more money if he waits and lets a bidding war for his services begin.After what happened this summer with names like John Tavares, it makes sense Seguin would want to wait. Tavares received an $11 million per season deal from the Toronto Maple Leafs in a deal that was actually a discount over what he could have gotten had he stayed with the New York Islanders. At the very least, Seguin should fetch the same return if he produces another 70-80 point season in Dallas this year.

If he were to sign now, the chances Seguin would hit that $11 million mark is slim.

NHL players often get overpaid in free agency when multiple teams are bidding for them. Should Seguin wait, there is no doubt he’ll be one of the better-paid players in the NHL. One question worth asking though, would $11 million or more really be an overpayment for Seguin who has shown himself over the course of eight seasons to be one of the elite centers in hockey?